Sunday, August 23, 2009


When Heidi was still here, my parents rented a boat up at Jordenelle Reservoir. Hazen and I went and met them after naptime, and had a great time! The weather wasn't fabulous, but Hazen still had his first time tubing, nonetheless!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanksgiving in August

Can anyone tell me why I'm sitting so close to Brown Jason?

I've never made a turkey. Ever. Last winter, Aubrey and I were able to buy some turkeys at a very low price with our coupon shopping. We had forgotten about them, and when we remembered, we decided to do a Thanksgiving in August! I made Sweet Potato biscuits, delicious Cornbread stuffing, and a Maple Dijon glazed turkey. For desert, we made a chocolate ganache torte. The meal did not disappoint, and I've learned that I don't need to be so afraid of turkeys! We still have another turkey in the freezer, and I look forward to the delicious meals we'll make out of it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Buddies!

I know they're too young to really know or care now, but few things bring me more joy than seeing Boston and Hazen together. Hazen already loves little Boston, and enjoys being around him. He still knows that he needs to be gentle with him, but he just thinks that he's really funny and cute. The other night, while the big kids played a card game, Hazen and Boston watched "Handy Manny". The two kids were beyond content! Really, what's not to love about those two boys?

Presents, Presents, Presents!

We were seriously shocked at all of the wonderful gifts Hazen received for his birthday! He has literally been playing with them non-stop since his party. Just so I can remember, I wanted to write them down here!

Grandma/Grandpa: Sunday Books. Now Hazen can go to church and read about more than just firefighters!!

Amanda/Nate/Micah: A really cute interactive Mouse book. He loves it!

Heather and Fam: A firetruck!!! He rolls it around the house all day long

Heidi and Fam: A few books, including a number book. He is OBSESSED with this book, and I read it to him at least 20 times a day. It's also really great with his vocabulary.

Aubrey and Jason and Boston: A blow up Firetruck ball pen. He LOVES it. They pretty much combined his two favorite things: firetrucks and balls.

Mommy and Daddy: We got him another Firetruck, and his very first bike! He loves to go on bike rides, and we probably go on at least 3 a day!

What a lucky little boy!!

Hazen's Birthday Party!

Hazen's birthday was the epitome of a perfect day. We woke up, and began singing "Happy Birthday" to Hazen to moment we laid eyes on him. He snuggled into my arms and just smiled as we serenaded him. For Breakfast, Hazen enjoyed Smoothies and Eggs. He was even lucky enough to have a cookie or two- all before 10am!

After Breakfast, we got in the car and, equipped with our Mini Cheesecakes, headed over to the NICU. It's our tradition to go to the NICU every Christmas, and every year for Hazen's birthday. Unfortunately, his main NP, Charlene, was on vacation, so we weren't able to see her, but there were a bunch of other nurses and Drs that we know and love that came out to marvel and what a big, strong boy Hazen is.

We next went to Costco to enjoy some hot dogs, and buy some of the last things for his birthday party. Then it was time for home, naps, and preparations for his birthday party! I had taken Hazen to the party store to allow him to choose the theme for his party. Most things excited him, but nothing like laying his eyes on the Firetrucks! So, a Fire Party it was!!

It was the PERFECT day! The fire department came with a Fire Truck, and Hazen and any neighbor kid around loved exploring it. We had friends, family, and plenty of food. When it came time for presents, Hazen was absolutely spoiled rotten! He got books, and tons of Fire Truck paraphenalia.

When we got home after the party, he was SO TIRED, but couldn't stop from wanting to play with his toys. We are so lucky to have so many friends and familiy who love our little boy so much. Happy Birthday, Hazen!