Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Over the River...

Tonight, we took a long, tedious trek to obtain a Christmas Tree. We were eager to go to a lot to find the best tree money could buy. This is Hazen's 2nd Christmas, but 1st Christmas not as a blob. This tree needed to be AMAZING! Since gas is so cheap, we were willing to drive as far as necessary to get the tree of our dreams.

Hazen loved being in the wilderness. Even I was in my element!!

Yeah, ok, We went 1 mile down the road to Smiths. $25 bucks later, we got ourselves a tree that wasn't dead, wasn't too tall, and I feel pretty confident should it fall on my baby, it won't kill him. Done and done!

Being 1 is Hard

Last week, as per usual, Hazen and I went to play with Aunt Heather, Max, and Mia. We had SUCH a great time! We went to the park, played for hours, played around the house, ate lunch, really did everything you could ever hope and dream of. Towards the end, Max was so tired, that he couldn't pull himself off the ground. He just lay on the ground, and then Hazen stood above him yelling at him because he didn't know what was up with his little buddy! I thought to myself, man, it sure would be cute if Hazen did that sometime.

---10 minutes later---

We walk in our front door. I set him down, and walk into the kitchen to get myself a drink of water. I notice it's unusually quiet; if he's ever tired when we get home, the second I put him down, he starts to whine and cry. Not today.....

Please notice the wood. That's the walkway. This means that he didn't even take a STEP from where I put him down! What a darling little boy!!

*See, Ashley! He's wearing pants!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Things to Remember

I haven't done one of these posts about Hazen in a long time, and he does so many things, and loves so much about life!!

-Hazen is walking/running up a storm. I love watching him walk around the house with various household items. My favorite is when I'm going from room to room, I hold out my hand to him, and he walks with me wherever I go. It warms my heart!

-Hazen has entered his whining phase. This is not as cute, but we're working through it, and he only really does it when he wants attention.

-He knows how to blow kisses, give kisses, and give "snuggies". I have been so blessed with being given an independent, yet affectionate child. He will run around like a madman, but always come back to his mama to fling his arms around my neck, and rest his head on my shoulder. He always ends it with a big, fat, openmouthed kiss. It is of no doubt to me that THAT is what motherhood is all about. All the tears I've shed, frustration I've felt, fear I've know is WORTH it when my little boy tells me he loves me the best way he knows how.

-Every morning when I wake up, he looks at me, kisses me, and then I remind him, "Heavenly Father must REALLY love me if he gave me you". I've never believed something more fully.

-Hazen is a FLIRT. The second he sees pretty girls, he is flirting with them. Everyone wants him to be their boyfriend, but sorry, he's taken!

-Hazen has the most freak-nasty stinky feet. It is worse than the smell of a grown man's feet. It makes me laugh!

-Hazen's current word repretoire consists of: Mommy, Daddy, Poopy, Abbie, P-U, and his chattering has taken on a new level of wordiness. He talks ALL.DAY.LONG. I really wonder where he got that from. He may be the visual clone of his father, but at least he has SOMETHING from me!

-He has developed this new really ugly face when he gets mad. I'll have to get a picture of it, but it's really....ugly. It's pretty funny, though!

-Hazen is a chicken-holic. He will eat chicken from sun up to sun down.

-When I do laundry, Hazen loves to help. It's really cute, and it keeps him entertained for quite some time.

-Hazen is starting to love books like I do! He brings books to us to read, and it's so cute to walk into the playroom and seeing him peruse the books!

-Hazen is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Being Resourceful

WHEN Hazen was born I would ONLY get ready for the day when he was asleep, because I didn't like him whining or crying at me while I would get ready. Since I've chopped off my hair, I don't really have that luxury, because I can't pull it back in a ponytail. In good news, from shower to door, I'm about 25 minutes to get COMPLETELY ready, so I'm more willing to do it when he's up.

Child safety be darned! I just let him play under my sink now. Yes, that's shower cleaner he's holding. He's a big fan of the hairspray bottle, my round brushes, whitening strips and Q-Tips. I DO draw the line at the Clorox Spray, though. In my defense, he's sitting at my feet, and I'm watching him the whole time, and I dare say he likes it when Mommy gets pretty as much as I do!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The time I cut all of my hair off....

Remember how only a week or so ago, my hair was LOONNNGG?

By long, I mean probably as long as it's ever been in my life. I keep on trying to kid myself, and think that I can pull off long hair like all of my friends. This is a sad delusion, as it just doesn't look good!

Yep, kids. It's all gone. Short hair is for me, and I'm really digging it! Since I've been sucking at blogging, I've been sucking at taking pictures, thus this is the only picture I have- an end of day, not washed picture. Oh well, hope you like!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I hate blurb

It no longer recognizes blogspot, thus nearly invalidating my entire reason for blogging. I do this as a journal, but when I no longer have a way to PRINT it, I don't feel like doing it anymore! I know that I still should, and there IS an answer.

Blurb still recognizes typepad and wordpress. Do any of you know how to convert my blog (and all of its contents) over there? If I could do that, I'd still stay with blogspot for blogging, but then I'd transfer it over merely for the sake of uploading.

HELP!!! (If you still even read my boring, stupid blog anymore....)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Go here now

If ever there was a reason to go somewhere, there's a reason to go HERE, right now!

Go, and leave here a lot of comments about her beauty, because she's worked so hard!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


There is a TRUE moderate in office, I highly doubt that most Americans will be happy. I think this is a good night. McCain was very classy in his speech to Obama and America, and Obama is making history. I'm proud to be a part of that.

The next step? We rise to the occasion and support our elected president, and do OUR part to get America out of the crap hole it has gotten itself into in the past years.