Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poor Baby!

You know a two and a half year old isn't feeling very well when he spends a few days straight on the couch like this! Hazen started to come down with something on Sunday, and has spent the rest of the week very sick! We took him to the Dr, and it turns out that he might have RSV, definitely has Strep, and has an ear infection. With how sweet and happy he's been, you would never know, but he's definitely not been acting like our little boy. Hopefully a week full of rest, fluids, and all the TV he could ask for was just what the Dr ordered. Oh, and 10 days worth of antibiotics, which, luckily he drinks like soda. What a good little patient we have!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Trying to figure out the easiest way to get Vegas 2009 onto my blog book......

The Collarbone

The day that I got home from Vegas, I got a phone call from Heather while I was waiting in the baggage claim area. She told me that Hazen had fallen, and he was crying, but his crying was different than it normally was. He kept on saying that his arm hurt, and would freak out whenever she tried to pick him up. I told her to give it a few minutes, and I'd be home from the airport in a half an hour. Not too much time went by before I received a phone call saying that it was bad, and she needed to take him to the ER.

I rushed home from the airport and went straight to the AF Emergency room, where I saw one sad little boy cuddled up with an Aunt who loves him like her own. I picked him up to hold him, and it was obvious within seconds that everything was not ok. An X-ray later, we found out that Hazen had broken his Clavicle. He was at Heather's, playing like any 2 year old would, and fell. Later, when we asked him what happened, he told us, "Jumping on the bed, fell off the ladder. Arm, hurt! I cried". What a booger.

Luckily, little bones truly are miracles, and within a few days he was as good as new! We spent a little bit of time with him not moving on the couch, but as long as we stayed on top of his pain with medication, he was really good at self-regulating his activity and not doing anything that caused pain. I'm grateful that these minor bumps and bruises are the worst things we have to deal with- we truly are blessed!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

This year, Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday, which can put a bit of a damper on celebrations. I had clinicals the entire day before, and Jason was working that week, so we weren't able to do too much, but we still were able to have a nice day, thanks to my parents! They had us over for a delicious meal, and we were able to spend the day with those that we love! Jason also spoke my love language and the boys got me flowers, and let me go spend MANY hours at Borders reading. Talk about a perfect day!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Awesome School Purchase!!

Jason and I decided that with the HUGE amount of work that we have to do this semester, we needed to figure out a way to step it up. So, we decided to buy a Dry-Erase board. Let me tell you- best purchase ever! It's the perfect way for both of us to learn. I learn best by teaching, and Jason learns best by seeing things visually! We had a great time the other night diagramming the Uterus and talking extensively about implantation. What, is that not YOUR ideal evening? We look forward to learning a ton this semester, and we anticipate that this board will help us in our quest!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Mommy Letter

Dear Hazen,

It appears that I haven't written you a letter in quite some time, so, never a better time than the present, right? You have no clue how much I love you, little boy. You make me so happy, and you remind me day in and day out what true love is all about.

Lately, you've been getting so big and independent. I love hearing you string together new words and thoughts and sentences together. It cracks me up hearing you use phrases that I use on a frequent basis, like, "Um, wait a second" or "Whatcha doing in here, Mommy?" The other night, You, Me, and Daddy were playing the Wii, and you said, "Oh crap!". Looks like Mama might need to watch what she says, huh?

Hazen, you are a sensitive little boy, and you pick up on things around you very easily. Your feelings get hurt somewhat easily, and I have to remind myself often that I need to be very careful with how I address you when I'm trying to teach you something. Thank you for not holding grudges, and being patient with my how I learn how to be your best Mommy. Lately you've been asking for chocolate for breakfast, and throwing quite the tantrum when you don't get it. This drives your Mama crazy. Please start enjoying cereal again, ok?

Hazen, you love love love love your Grandpa. It makes me so happy to see you run into his arms, and sit in his lap. You are so lucky to have such great Grandparents who take every available opportunity to spend time with you. What a blessing it is to live so close to so many members of your family.

You love going to nursery at church. You love to tell us about your pictures of Jesus, and sing songs about God. I love to peek in at you during church and see you sitting in the chair singing songs with your nursery leader.

Haz, you are the best boy I know. You make me laugh, and you make me tired, but most of all, you make me so grateful I have you.