Friday, September 28, 2007

No lie...

After 52 days in the hospital, and exactly one week before his due date, Hazen Alma Lee is home!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Pictures!

Hey everyone! The lovely Kelli Saunders and I have been chilling here at the hospital, and she took some more pictures of my dear sweet. You absolutely must check them out!

I probably won't update for a few days, but I do urge you to check back Friday afternoon. Those of you who know what's up, let's keep it quiet. But, seriously, come back on Friday.

Oh yeah, the boy's doing ok. I'm tired, but doing pretty good too. We're hoping that he can come home sometime!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Just some pictures!

So, I'm just posting pictures right now. No new news. Well, actually that's a lie, but no new news that I'm going to tell everyone just yet. I encourage you to keep on checking back for when I do though.

Oh, and if you're DYING for some sort of news, my big, strong, smart boy figured out how to latch on, so we're breastfeeding for real now. Atta boy. Now, if we can just keep him awake long enough to do it!

Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, September 21, 2007

In the Know

As many of you know, I like to be in the loop on what's going on in the world. Now, don't get me wrong, not the WORLD WORLD, but the US Weekly world. I've been instilling this same value in Jason, and luckily for me, he wants to pass it on to the boy. Hey, EVERYONE needs to know what a wreck Britney is!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

He's going back to Utah Valley!!

Ok, so tomorrow morning, they're back transporting Hazen to Utah Valley. ($6000, anyone?) It's really funny, because they haven't really done anything different here than they were doing there, and he's just snapped out of it. He looks AMAZING, and is really acting like a real baby! It's so exciting! We've started breastfeeding, and at the rate he's going, if breastfeeding is our only means of feeding, we'll be here until next year. So, I've elected to allow bottle feeding every other feeding (breastmilk ONLY, naturally), so that he can master one of the two so that we can go home! I figure that we have plenty of time at home to keep on learning. One of you, judge me, I dare you.

I could be over-optimistic, but I'm thinking that we might see the bright shining face of HAL at home possibly by next Friday. Even if it's a week from Tuesday, that would be GREAT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! So, things are great. We're feeling very blessed. All of the specialists said that he looks great! I'll update with pictures once I'm home, rested, and have faster internet!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

News! The light at the end of the tunnel

So sorry I have not been able to update any sooner. My sisters are so very naughty my poor mommy is about to sell them on ebay or give them away on Craig's list. But enough about me.

As mentioned before HAL has been moved to the high flow cannula. He is doing really well on that and is being weaned down to room air which could be soon. Anne has been able to hold him and has learned some infant massage.

Yesterday Anne was able to attempt to nurse. He was pretty tired so wasn't able to latch on, but at least they are able to start trying. They will increase his feedings until he is an "on demand" feeding. If HAL continues to improve the way he is, there is a chance he will go home straight from the Primary's rather than be transferred back to Utah Valley.

Hoping Anne will send some pictures soon.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dr. Dr. Give me the News!!!

Note* This is a picture of MD the doctor, not HAL. The MD is doing his best impression of HAL...zzzzzz.

Aunt Anne called to give her updates and wishes to thank all who have been thinking and praying about her family. She is rapidly losing her patience with her situation and finds comfort in her well-wishers.

Yesterday she goes to visit HAL as per usual and the nurse, let's call her....POO-isa (it was Louisa) is assigned to the case. Aunt Anne makes nicey-nice talk then asks if she can hold HER baby. Poo-isa says...


Aunt Anne was all, WHAT?! Poo-isa says its her job to be an advocate for the baby and its not in his best interest to have Anne "disturb" him while he is asleep. Hello!! The child sleeps a good 23.8 hours a day. Poo-isa says "we want you to be involved in his care so you can change his diaper. Or check temperatures."

Nurse Poo-isa picked a very bad mama to irritate. Nuff said.

Aunt Anne reports that HAL has peed out 8 oz. of extra fluid. Let's put this in perspective. When was the last time you peed out 20 lbs in a day?

HAL has been placed on the high-flow cannula and is tolerating it quite well.

Anne has met with an Occupational Therapist who has shown some concern with HAL's not liking to be touched issues (can you blame the kid? Everytime he's touched its to poke him, or stick him, or move him or whatever else Poo-isa is doing). The OT is going to work with Anne to teach some infant massaage to show HAL that touch is good.

(Sarah and Mitch, interesting question...the doctor "felt" something was not quite right because HAL doesn't breathe on his own. So its a little bit of both. Good question.)

I wish I had some pictures but rest assured as soon as HAL loses the C-PAP, the whole site will be filled with his pictures.

Until Then...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

House would know what's up

Dr. Max here.

I have decided to call in another specialist who might be able to tell us what is wrong with HAL. His name is House and he thinks everybody lies. He's entertaining.

Surely, he will know what to do with HAL and he can even do it under an hour and not in 5 weeks like other local doctors.

Today Aunt Anne got in the nurse practioners face (not really) and asked "Why is my baby here?!" The nurse said they didn't really know why he is either. HMMMM. So Hal is too sick for Utah Valley but not sick enough for Primary's? Frustrating.

Hal had a visit today from the Physical Therapist as well as the Occupational Therapist. They decided that he looked "normal". Interesting. Aunt Anne is amused that her son pees and poops on all the nurses. It's like he is sick of being there as well and is tired of being in holding pattern.

They did take an x-ray of his trachea and it looked like it was a little bit bent or crooked. Could this be the answer to all the breathing problems? Is it possible the other doctors missed this? They are going to do another x-ray and compare it with the ones that he has already had to double check. Thanks to wiki you can all know more than maybe the doctors about the anatomy of the trachea.

Other than that HAL is just laying around waiting to find out how to get better.

MD out.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guest Blog Update Day 1: The Transport/Getting Settled

Hi, I'm Hal's cousin as well as the newest doctor assigned to his case because my initials are M.D. Its my job to keep all Aunt Anne's lovelies updated on my patient/cousin so here goes:

Hal, J & A were transported to Primary Children's Medical Center bright and early this morning. Anne took several pictures, which will be uploaded as soon as she can provide me with the cord, so you can see Hal on the stretcher and in the ambulance. (Note, the driver is studying to be, of all trades, a mortician so you can imagine the fun conversation.)

Aunt Anne was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the "newness" of the situation and was immediately given a list of Don'ts (Don't call between such and such, no visiting between this and that, no cell phones near that over there, etc...). They took Hal away and left Aunt Anne in tears in the hallway bewildered and very alone. (In the early morning she forgot the milker and had to send Jason to go get the equipment)

Hal is in a room with 4 other babies. Its hard to say whether or not he is sicker or healthier than the other kids because the other kids have what Hal doesn't: A diagnosis.

They met with the neuroperson (blahdidty, blah...Anne didn't really get the full name or full profession because the person introducing her was a mumbler) who ordered a full screening on him before anything could be done. Screening did not take place as was expected today. Hopefully tomorrow. Part of the tests that need to be conducted include inserting needles in certain parts of the body to check muscle tone. Medication is given to make the muscles numb, but Anne remembered that this medication may also be linked to Hal's last seizure episodes. Makes her a bit nervous to go down that path again. They also met with the ENT, who also ordered a full screening, but again, no tests were conducted.

The Ronald McDonald house in Salt Lake is fabulous. It is a converted bed and breakfast so the tired couple will sleep well tonight. They have met other NICU parents and are hopefully finding some common support with folks that are going through similar ordeals.

Aunt Anne misses the kind nurses at Utah Valley, her french stuttering Doctor, and likely the sense of familiarity of her routine this past month. Her days have been filled with pumping, visiting Hal, pumping, sleeping, visiting Hal, and pumping. Now she is in an new environment and is trying to "hold it all together".

One thing that is for sure is that the HAZEN family (not to be confused with HAL) STINK at patience. We want what we want and we want it NOW, so this is a struggle for her. She hopes to have some news, any news, for us tomorrow but in the meantime appreciates this blog as a means to keep kind well-wishers informed, as well as any questions posed or answered.

Guest Blogger

Hi folks,

While J, HAL, and I are taking our luxurious vacation down here in Salt Lake, Sista In the House, aka Mother of Geese, aka, Heather, aka my sister will be my guest blogger. She is solely in charge of giving you the updates, because, lets face it: I'm too tired to do it myself. So, enjoy!

(She's marginally funnier than I am. Seriously, check out her blog, she is.)

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Rollercoaster Continues

So, this is my update for today. I'm not sure how much I'll really be able to update this week, but I want to let everyone know what's going on. Tomorrow, they're sending Hazen down to Primary Children's in Salt Lake. The Drs are realizing that there's just SOMETHING that isn't right, and they've accepted at Utah Valley that they might not be equipped enough to handle it, or figure out what it is. They're sending him there specifically for the Pediatric Neurologist, but most other specialists are probably going to be taking a gander at my boy.

So, I'll update when I can, but I don't know how much internet access I'll really have. As soon as I have answers, I'll let you all know, so if you can, please wait on the phone calls asking about him until then. I can't describe to you how difficult it is getting calls and only being able to tell people that "I don't know" what's wrong with my baby or when he's going to get better, or when he's going to come home. I'm just as in the dark as you are.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Look Ma, No Oxygen!

Ok, so that's actually a little bit outdated, but oh well. Oh Tuesday, he was put completely on Room Air! He was breathing just like you or me!! However, Wednesday morning, he had to be put back on the Cannula, but that's actually not a big deal at all. Babies can get sent home on a cannula. Now, please make sure you were paying attention: I didn't say he was getting sent home, but he's improving exponentially respiratory-wise! Yay!! Keep those prayers coming.
In other news: THE MRI. We got the results back this morning, and it was completely normal!!!! Now, this doesn't mean that some problems won't show up later down the road, but for the most part, we're out of the woods as far as severe brain damage goes!! I can't tell you how blessed we feel. There have been so many that have prayed, fasted, and cared for us. Hazen is so lucky to come into this world with so many people concerned about him. I, as his mother feel truly honored to be able to be the mommy to such a special soul!

So, here's to continued improvement!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Our water heater went out last night. It's tonight. I'm dirty. I would really like to take a shower. Do any other women out there who have breastfed feel like they smell like rotten milk ALL OF THE TIME, or am I just dirty? Please, come boil water for me so I can bathe like a pioneer.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Quick Update!

Here are the two most irresistable men/boys in the world. Add my dad in the mix, and you've got the three men I love most in the planet. Jason is very funny. Everytime we go to the NICU, we moment we walk in the doors, he gets very drowsy. Sit him down, and BAM, he's out like a light! It's really quite funny- the nurses and doctors get a little confused, but hey, he works so hard for his little family, that I'm totally ok with him conking out whenever. Especially when him and The Boy are napping together!!

So, I realize that I've promised everyone an update on HAL.

Poop: After 8 DAYS of no poop, he's finally moving again. In fact, tonight, whilst giving him a cotton-ball bath, he both peed and pooped on me. Good boy!! So, on Tuesday, they're doing an Upper GI Track test to see if there was a reason why nothing was moving. This is a great thing, because it means that his abdomen isn't as distended, and he'll be able to get the whole breathing thing back on track. Yay!

Lungs: He's been re-intubated, and is back on a ventilator. The Number 1 reason is because his belly was so full of air and gas that it was pushing up on his diaphragm, and he wasn't able to get good breaths. They're planning on taking him off of the vent either tomorrow or Tuesday. Once they take him off of the vent, they're going to push forward on getting him to do feedings. (Speaking of feedings, I've had lots of people ask me about my freezer and if it's still that full. People, that was only 5 days worth, pictures will be following hence forth to show you what it's REALLY like. Yowza!)

Doctors: We had a meeting with a genetisist (or however the crap you spell it), and she was able to assure us that he doesn't have any "syndromes". This is a good thing. She seemed to be pretty upbeat about his prognosis, and his overall well-being.

MRI: They still haven't done it. Since they had to put him back on the ventilator, they can't do it as long as he's on it. They are planning on Wednesday though. Don't get too excited though, because there are a bunch of people who have to read it, so I'm not thinking we'll get anything as far as results go until next Monday.

He is beautiful, and wonderful, and smart (I'm sure), and adorable, and my perfect, sweet baby. He's opening his eyes a lot more now, and has learned a new trick. Any time that he knows that I'm going home, he immediately opens his eyes, because he KNOWS his mama can't walk away from those Mad Eye Moody baby blues. I went to the hospital today and read books to him. It was really fun. He was being very responsive, and then would drift off to sleep. Man, I love this kid.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Go look!

I don't have time right this SECOND to write a whole new post, however, if there are any of you who are bored and on the computer this holiday weekend, go to

She came to the hospital and took some INCREDIBLE pictures of my boy! These are just a few, but aren't they beautiful!???

I'll have something exciting to say by tonight, probably. Love you all.