Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hazen's November Artwork

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was our year to have the family here for Thanksgiving, and it was a blast per usual. This year, Jason and I were deeded with the giant responsibility of making a turkey. Seeing as I had to work graveyards the days prior to Turkey day, I just wasn't feeling it, but Jason was super enthusiastic, and it turned out beautifully! Brad constructed the Super Table for us, which is always humorous, because it's seriously the biggest table in the entire planet. It's so funny to me, because my nieces and nephews are getting SO BIG! I remember sitting in the hallway outside of the hospital room when RJ was born, and now the kid is GIANT! He has several inches on me, and he's a total man. It's interesting to see the dynamic of the family change, because the grandkids aren't all babies anymore! Hazen of course loves to see his California Hazen cousins, and talks about them for weeks when they leave. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, supportive family. I love them, and couldn't be happier to be in the family that I was born into. We're crazy, but we sure have fun!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Jason's Turkey

I lucked out in the sense that Jason is pretty dang good at cooking. I can always give him a recipe, and he is able to make a good meal out of it. I've lucked out, because there are far too men who refuse to even set food in the kitchen. I don't have time for that crap! Luckily, when we found out that we would be making a turkey for Thanksgiving, Jason took it on eagerly. He had always wanted to brine a turkey, so this was his perfect chance! He brined it for a day or two before Thanksgiving, and then when the special day came, he took on all of the preparation with the aforementioned bird. This was fine by me, because lately, raw meat is grossing me out more than ever! Hazen, being the eager helper that he is, wanted to help with getting the turkey ready for the oven. So, we washed his hands, and let him go to town! He was only really into it for all of 45 seconds, but hey, it makes for a good photo op, right? The turkey turned out amazing. I have to hand it to Jason; he's made a lot of really delicious turkeys before, but this was probably the best. Way to go, babe!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Little Skeleton

So, for one of my classes (Post on how I'm back in school forthcoming.....), I got sent a pretty legitimate looking skeleton. I also got sent a fetal pig, but that's another story. I tried to keep it pretty well hidden from Hazen for a while, because I'd prefer he not think my school stuff are toys. Well, he and Max were playing, and they definitely found Mr. Skeleton, and showed him who was boss! I about died laughing when I saw that they had set them up on a pillow, and were holding him hostage with their swords. I don't know how Mr. Skeleton was feeling, but I most assuredly would have been scared of these two pirates! I love how the boys are developing their imagination so much right now. Every day is a new story or a new type of make believe, it's so much fun!