Friday, January 26, 2007

A cute, but cheesy reason I love my husband....

So, the other day, I was rolling along, doing my own thing, when along came this cute little text message.... (Sung to the tune of "You are my Sunshine")

You are so sexy, I love you mucho
I want to kiss you, when I get home
You'll always know dear, how much I love you
You are my wife and I love you the most

I don't know, seeing as he works 80+ hours a week, things like this sure make it bearable.

I've had an epiphany....that's not how you spell it?

You know that you've reached an interesting time in your life when you'd rather buy a cookbook than a pair of shoes. Food network, Williams-Sonoma, you've done it to me. I'm slowly but surely turning into a foodie. :o)

Monday, January 22, 2007

I've been inspired

While I know that the posts that I write can't possibly be as exciting to Heather as cjanerun, I figure, eh, I might as well hop on the wagon and begin to blog.

Now, don't get too excited, I have no children yet to speak of, but I do have a Bunny and an awfully cute husband.

Today I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself seeing as I woke up before nine, and have actually gone to the gym!!! I decided not to kid myself into making "workout every day" a new years resolution, but I'm feeling pretty stoked that I went. Instead, I chose "learn how to cook new and exciting things" as a New Years resolution, because if there's one thing in life I can guarantee, I can promise that I will be eating this year. :o)

Last night I experimented with Eggplant, much to the chagrin of my darling husband. However, it turned out good, and he ate it right up. (Did you know that if you slice your eggplant, salt it, and then put it in a collander over the sink for 30-60 minutes, lots of the bitter juices drain out?) DID YOU KNOW IT??? Now you do.

I feel slightly guilty taking up people's time with my not so exciting life, but maybe now that I have a blog, I'll be more apt to fill my life with excitement. Until then..