Sunday, March 14, 2010


When Hazen broke his collarbone, the Danielson kids bought him a little puppy that we named Clavicle. Unfortunately for Clavicle, the constant onslaught of attention from a little boy caused him to spring a leak in his leg. The contents of his little puppy body were falling out all over our house, and we had to put him away until I had a chance to fix him. Every time Haz would ask where Clavicle was, I would have to tell him that he went to the Dr. Bedtime would come and go, and Hazen would ask when Clavicle would be back from the Dr. I knew it was time to do something when Hazen mentioned in his prayers for Clavicle to get back from the Dr. I mentioned this prayer to my Visiting Teacher, and she promptly came to my house to pick him up to be fixed. This was the nicest thing she could have done, because this semester has been a KILLER, and I haven't had two seconds to try to sew even the smallest hole. When she returned Clavicle to Hazen today at church, complete with a bandage and everything, Hazen was the happiest little boy ever!! Look at his darling face!

Nakey Electronics

I let Hazen stay naked for a pretty decent amount of time after his bath. Usually we snuggle together and read stories, but the other day he grabbed the iPod and decided to play a game in the buff. You know me, I'm not one to stop someone from having a fun time! Unfortunately, the time must come in everyone's lives when it's time to put on some clothes, so nakey iPod time is limited!

My Kitchen Helper!

Lately dinner time has been a little less of a pain, and more fun, as Hazen has been very eager to help in the kitchen! Last week, we made a Carmelized Onion Wheat Pizza, and Hazen couldn't have been more helpful if he tried! We had such a fun time rolling out the dough together, and it makes me so happy to hear his cute little voice say, "Look Mommy, I'm a helper!" He sure is my helper, and I love him so much!!