Sunday, April 22, 2007

Not just fat, but pregnant too!!

So, I'm seriously NOT enthused by being photographed at this awkwardly not OBVIOUSLY pregnant, slightly fluffy time in my life. However, I know that ONE day, I'll look back and say, self, I'm so glad that you documented these wonderful moments. So, here ya go.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The China Men are funny

So, today, I had the opportunity to Wine and Dine with my Mom and Sis, Heather at a truly high class Chinese Restaurant named: Whistle Wok Chinese and Ice Cream. Are you kidding? You might ask? No. I'm not. It's really called that. Nothing says big spender like Chinese AND Ice Cream. Gross. (But, in case my dear Sis reads this, it was indeed good Chinese food, and yes, I was burping it for the for the rest of the day)

So, we get ready to eat our Fortune Cookies. I eat mine, which states "You will focus the main energies of the year on your family." Awww....tender. Until Heather adds, "In bed." Awkward. You will focus the main energies of the year on your family in bed.....sick.

Well, Karma's a B, because Heather opened hers, which said "You will truly love and affect a child"

IN BED. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Perv. My sister is creepy.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

My husband is hot.

I used to think that I wanted to marry a man who wore a suit to work every day. When I married Jason, I had to overcome my sadness for a bit knowing that I wasn't ever going to see him leaving the house EVERY morning in dress pants and a nice shirt. However, this all changed one day.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you.......the Uniform.

Back tracking hardcore!!

So, I don't think that I've ever updated LOTS of you (like there's more than 4 people who read my blog..) but, I don't think that I've told you exactly how Jason and I told my parents that we were expecting a baby.

We went out to the house of Prime Rib, and waited....waited...waited until the perfect moment to pop the news to them. Then, we had gotten them each baby bibs that said I love Grandma, and I love Grandpa, respectively. So, we gave them the bags with the bibs and they opened them. At first, I think that they thought that we were just really sweet kids who got them bibs to use for their OTHER grandkids, but then, it set in, and excitement was all around. It was really fun. Everyone in the restaurant was freaking out. It was fun! We're definitely glad that we had that chance to share such a great bit of news with my parents. I sure love them a lot!!!


So, after a month of recieving nothing but flack from my cute family, I'm finally back to posting. Don't worry. I'm not dead. Things are great, and I am definitely alive!! Jason and I have moved to Utah, but you're not getting ANY updates on that yet, because I'm going in order, sucka.

So, I'm back, and I'm here to stay!!