Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Bee Sting

This happened forever ago, but I wanted to document a horrid occasion from earlier in the summer. I was out with my mom and Hazen while she gardened, and Hazen was crawling around on the grass. All of the sudden, I heard a scream, and Hazen looked up at me with absolutely horrified eyes. He picked up his right hand, shook it a little, and screamed while tears poured down his face. I grabbed him, and saw that he had a bee attached to his poor little thumb. If you know me, you know that there is probably nothing that I'm more afraid of than bees. I swatted the bee away, but I was afraid that it was a wasp, so I was running around like a mad-woman while I tried to get the bee out of Hazen's hand, and trying to ensure that nothing else stung us. Finally, once I had gotten the bee off of him, he was still crying. So, I looked down at his thumb and saw that the stinger was still in there! Stupid bee. My mom helped me hold him still so we could get the stinger out and pack it with dirt. His poor hand was swelling up like a balloon, so we went inside, put his hand under some cold water, and then put Benadryl on the site. Luckily, within time, it stopped swelling up, and he stopped crying. We now know that Hazen isn't allergic to bees, but that Mommy hates them more than ever!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The rest of the house

I've just been so busy/lazy, that I haven't been able to post the rest of the pictures of the house. Here they are!

Finished dining area:

Living Room:

Our bedroom:

So You Think You Can Dance!

On Tuesday night, we went to SYTYCD. This was my second year going; and would have been my third if there was no baby in the NICU last year! It was so much fun!! Jason, Aubrey, Other Jason, Heather, Brad and I all piled into Big Red, and drove to West Valley to see the show. We had plans on going to a really awesome BBQ place to eat beforehand, however, it had been shot up. Literally.

I was SLIGHTLY disappointed with the tickets, as I had PURCHASED them within the first 2 minutes of availability, but they were still pretty good.

I've been to my fair share of concerts in my lifetime, but I can honestly say that I'm not sure if I've ever been to something so loud. Towards the end, everything was muffled because my ears were so tired! The concert was fabulous, though! They did EVERY dance number that I hoped they would, and more. I was happy that they didn't spend the entire time doing Latin numbers, because while I like them, they're not my favorite. Can anyone explain to me why they had the top 13 there? I was super confused! Chelsie Hightower is in my new ward. I told Aubrey that I WILL have my camera on-hand for when she returns, and I might just have her sign my scriptures. Kidding!

There was a woman there with her newborn baby. I wanted to push her down the stairs. Does anyone know if being around loud things can do permanent damage to a baby? I can't imagine that this would have been very good for her.

We will be going again next year; mark my words! I love things like this. It was super fun!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My new best friend

During the intermission at the concert, we found the super coolest dude there. He was WORKING it to Jordin Sparks. You must watch this and laugh as much as we did. How he lasted a good 4 minutes dancing like this without noticing that he had a good 6 people laughing at him 2 rows back, I'll never know!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Two Dads!

One of the funniest things about being such good friends with the Robisons is "my two dads". This happens for multiple reasons.

1- Aubrey and I tend to ditch the Jasons, sometimes with the baby; which inevitably leads to a picture like this:

2- Other Jason is so great, and loves the crap out of my baby. He plays with him like a dad, he tells him what to do like a dad, and he's around him enough to be a dad! As such, little critter is probably going to have a complex.

Sometimes, when Jason and Jason do something especially "my two dadesque", Aubrey and I have a little song we sing to them. They are good sports. Especially when I took a picture of them on the Wii, which my Jason deleted. Hence no post about day 6 of our trip, because I was so pissed.
My Two Dads or not, I'm just so grateful (as I've said before), that Hazen has so many people who love him so much! Thanks Jason's for allowing your lovely wives to tease you for 6 days straight!!

Day Five: Shoes, Blood, and a Sandwich that almost ate us

On Saturday, we were still in St. George, and still having a good time. The night before (I forgot about this in my previous post), I had my first experience with Hazen and blood.

The Robison's have a glass table that sits in their living room that Hazen liked pounding on and trying to get the breakable things in the middle of. I was balancing my checkbook when I saw Hazen fall on his bum. He started crying, but anyone who knows him can attest that 90% of the time, he is as delightful as can be. The other 10% of the time, sometimes he's a little whiny, so I thought that he was crying because he was mad that he fell. After he screamed, I looked at him, and his mouth was FULL of blood. I totally freaked out, and ran into the kitchen. Luckily, Aubrey's an EMT (the Jasons were gone), and helped me get it cleaned up. He had split the piece of skin that attaches the upper lip to the gums, and did something else to his gums. It's really sad. We've since had it looked at, and have been told that it will heal. Phew. Hazen was such a trooper though, and only cried for a total of 2 minutes!! Poor baby.

Saturday, Aubrey and I went out with Jason's mom for a while and shopped. We went to Dillards, where they were having a 75% off sale! I got 4 pairs of shoes and they were NOT expensive at all!! So fun!

For the BYU football game, (which Jason's parents are die-hard fans of), Jason's mom made an incredible sandwich that was bigger than my head. I won't divulge any secrets of how it's made, but trust me; it's delicious, and will be made again in the Lee household!

Saturday night, we all went to dinner, and then Aubrey and Jason went to Tuhacahn to see Les Miserables. We had opted out, but I guess we missed out BIGTIME because they said it was amazing. Next time!!

Day Four: More Shopping

First, let's quickly acknowledge how beautiful my baby is. Seriously? Is gorgeous a word that can be used for little boys?

Friday we were BEAT from all of the vacation's festivities. We woke up, took a nap, sat around trying to muster up the energy to do the last of our shopping, and then finally got out the door around 12. We went to the outlets, and were able to do the last of the shopping for Hazen's fall/winter wardrobe. Absolutely adorable! Is there a best dressed list for little boys? He might just be on it!

On our way back to O.J's parent's house, we stopped at Scoop Me. Does anyone remember Yogurt Park in Danville? What happened to THOSE yogurt days? While Scoop Me was "light and refreshing", and only carried 90 calories, it was sour. I don't like sour. I guess that's what happens when it's all natural, and doesn't have any sugar. The Robisons were big fans. The Lees? Not so much. Hazen doesn't like coconut.

We went back to the Robison home, and swam, played the Wii, and other games. Friday was a chill day, but it was nice.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day Three: The best buffet that ever lived

After our late night the night before, we had to DRAG ourselves out of bed and wake up the baby in order to get to the Paris breakfast buffet. Man was it worth it! Hazen was so happy, even after the long day that he had before!

The boys gave us a lot of grief, because by the time that we were all packed and ready for the day, and then got to Paris, it was around 10:30, and the breakfast portion of the buffet ended at 11am. We went to pay, and it was ten 'til. We only had to pay the breakfast price, but got the best of both worlds- breakfast AND lunch!!!
It was hands down, the best buffet I've ever been to. Absolutely incredible. As in, go to vegas PURELY to eat at the Paris breakfast/lunch buffet. Crepes made to order? Are we kidding me??? (Oh, and NO, Marisa, I'm not pregnant. What with all of this talk of food, one might think. Ask me again in 18 months to 2 years, and we'll talk) After we were done, we were sick. You know the show, "The Biggest Loser", where they pull the people into a dark room, and then illuminate it and show them what a days worth of their food is like, and then they bawl? Yeah. It was like that.
After Paris, we walked over to the Bellagio to see the atrium. Good thing it was closed while they switched the season out. Jason and I had a $5 slot limit each. Jason lost all of his within 10 seconds, while I won $3. Not too shabby.
By this point, we were Vegased out, so we headed to Trader Joe's to make our purchases to stock us up for a few months, and then headed back to St. George. It was the first time that I went to Vegas and TRULY enjoyed the time that we were there.

Day Two: Vegas, Baby!


We woke up and drove to Vegas. On our drive, we played "I'm going on a Picnic". Trust me, you want to come on our picnic! We got to Vegas around 11:30, and went straight to In-N-Out. They make the fries better in Pleasanton and San Ramon, but it was still good! After that, we went to H & M, where I purchased Hazen the cutest little clothes ever, and then on to some outlets. We had Hazen measured for shoes. Just so you know, I've been shoving his poor little feet into size 3 shoes. Real size? 51/2 W. I am the meanest mom ever.

As we drove to our hotel, the Monte Carlo, we were greeted by Napoleon Dynamite. It was flippin' sweet. We checked in, watched Ellen and HOW MUCH WEIGHT STEPHENIE MEYER HAS PUT ON, and then went on our tour of the strip. Did you know how long it was? Did you know that the porn card hander-outers "coochy-coochy-cooed" my baby? Did you know that 7 M&Ms from M&M world costs $1.32?
That night, we made our way back to the MGM Grand for their dinner buffet and met Michelle (Bohlin) Nielson and Taylor there! Michelle is pregnant, and looks fab. I have no excuse, but I have a little trick up my sleeve, and should be looking less um, er, robust in the coming months. Until then, please don't think snotty thoughts in the back of your mind about my fatness. I know- and I worry enough about what you think, anyway. I digress......
After dinner, we hoofed it back to the Bellagio for the water show. Hazen finally fell asleep on the walk there. I have the best little boy in the entire planet. He is so much fun to go on vacations with, and our trip made me love him even more. Minus a few moments here and there in the car. We went back to our hotel, where the Lees and Robisons slept mere inches from one another. It was beautiful.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day One: Driving and St. George

On Tuesday, we left at around 3 pm to go to St. George. We were all so excited to go on our vacation! We loaded up the car to capacity, and loaded in. We drove for a while, and Hazen was fantastic, minus the 25 minutes around Nephi when he started screaming bloody murder!

When we got to St. George, we decided to go straight to Red Lobster, and enjoy their "Endless Shrimp" promotion. I'm good on shrimp for the next year. Other Jason and I talked the manager out of an appetizer of Coconut Shrimp. If you ever want good luck to befall you; spend time with Brown Jason. The karma God's are constantly smiling upon him.

We got to O.J's parent's house, put the boy to bed, and prepared for the REAL vacation to begin!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going on Vacation

We're going on Vacation to St. George and Vegas for almost a week with our peeps, the Robison's. Can't freaking wait. Upon my return, expect multiple blogs about:

- The rest of our house

- St. George

- Vegas

- Buffets.

and anything else I feel so inclined to blog.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


You be the judge.

Being Potty-trained is hard

Especially when you have a little bum. And a big toilet bowl. And your aunt's little kid is a creepy dude who must touch you whist you do your biz-naz.

Shhhh...he's sleeping!

We've recently had to change Hazen's schedule up a little bit. He is now officially a one nap a day boy! This has it's positives and it's negatives.

Positives: He is truly a DELIGHT throughout the day
He sleeps FOREVER at night
He's really cute

Negatives: It took me freaking forever to figure out what he wanted.

*This picture was taken moments before we had to WAKE HIM UP at 10:15 am on Monday. He is getting a killer night's sleep.*

Isn't my fire-truck clad child darling?

Fall is Fun

Last week, Max, Mia, Abbie, HAL and their respective mothers went to Discovery Park. It was a beautiful, fun, wonderful early fall afternoon. I love fall. Fall is fun. Fall is worth living for- ok, that might be a bit much, but I love it so much. Fall in Utah is absolutely gorgeous. The weather is perfect and it makes me so grateful. For everything. It also makes me really nostalgic; read; I need to take a trip to Logan, stat, because the best falls of my life were spent there. I love you, Fall.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Grand Unveiling!(ish)

I've been holding off on posting pictures of our place for so long now because I a- wanted it to be completely ready and decorated and furnished before I posted, and b- wanted to wait until my parents saw it. Well, hopefully they'll come over this weekend, because I don't want to wait anymore!! So Mom, Dad, if you're reading this, stop, so you can be surprised!!

And now, I present (part) of our new home!!

Master Bath Before

Master Bath After

Master Closet Before

Master Closet After

We'll be hanging the finishing touches for our room tonight, so that blog will hopefully come then!

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Our New Bookshelf

Laundry Room Before

Laundry Room After

Hazen's Bathroom Before

Hazen's Bathroom After

The entryway

I feel like I need something to "spice up" the entry way. Remember, we can't paint, so I'm really limited, because if I could, you better believe you'd think you walked into a rainbow!

The next blog will display the dining area, the playroom, Hazen's room, and our room. Get ready! We're getting so close to being done. We love it here so much!