Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mr. Perfect

  • One of Hazen's newest words, and my favorite by far is "Awesome". You don't realize how totally rad your kid is until you hand him some string cheese and he exclaims, "Awesome!"
  • Every time that we go to get him out of his crib after naps or in the morning, he has a rousing obligatory jump on his bed. He also enjoys jumping on our bed, and has recently started jumping around when he's playing, successfully getting both feet off the ground
  • Hazen might just flood his bathroom during baths. I have literally never seen anything like it. Boyfriend can SPLASH.
  • When we go to the gym to work out, he RUNS to the back of the daycare, immediately picks up two balls, and plays "B-ball" for the duration of his time there
  • His nursery leaders, and anyone who has ever seen him in nursery, for that matter, are astounded at his aim whilst playing basketball
  • He's learned how to open the fridge, and is already starting to graze in the kitchen. When it's not driving me nuts, it's actually quite funny.
  • Hazen thinks his time-out chair is hilarious. However, he's actually quite good at knowing what he's done wrong to get him there, apologize and give kisses, and say that he, "Stands"- or understands
  • Hazen sings along with the "Backyardigans" theme song. Not word for word, but it's actually quite impressive
  • When food is hot, Hazen does this funny little side-food blow.
  • Hazen's file with the follow up clinic for premature babies has officially been closed. This is such a humbling, wonderful blessing for us. We have been assured that we have nothing other than a smart, healthy, perfectly wonderful almost 2 year old.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grilled Pizza: The Failure Edition

Once upon a time, I made a SMORE'S grilled Pizza. I was so excited, and each time I looked atht the picture in the cookbook, I was filled with glee. I prepared it with such care, and everything looked incredible.

Then, that final little step; Broil for 2 minutes.

You win some, you lose some, right? We'll have to try this one again, because, needless to say, we were unable to eat our way through the wreckage.


A few days ago, we got a text message from Aubrey informing us that Life Flight would be landing at the station for a PR op. I rushed to get ready as quickly as I could, and we flew out the door. We got there just in time for the helicopter to make their dramatic entrance. Hazen hated it. I forgot how loud helicopters are, and everyone forgot how much it hurts to have rocks flung at your ankles.

Jason's sad because we learned that in order to be a helicopter flight nurse you have to weigh no more than 200 lbs. In order for him to weigh that little, he'd literally look like an emaciated, anorexic survivor of war. I've been saying for a while that I have interest in being a NICU flight RN, so we'll have to see what happens. Maybe next time a helicopter is around, Hazen will be more excited about it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last California Post

Since we live in Utah, Hazen is able to spend a decent amount of time with his cousins here, and is able to see my siblings' kids a little more often. He doesn't get to see his Lee Family Cousins very often at all, so when he does, it's a lot of fun.

Hazen sure had a lot of fun with the play structure in Grandpa Lee's backyard. We loved being able to open the back door and let him go to town. We love love love our condo, but it sure made us yearn for the little 8x8 patch of yard that the Townhomes in this complex have. The weather in Utah has been so lame lately- nothing like the June that I know and love, so the amount of time that Hazen can run and play outside has been severely limited. While I have no desire to move back to California ever, there really is something that needs to be said about the beautiful weather that they enjoy.

While we were in California, we also were able to enjoy the Wii that the Parents so graciously purchased for the "grandkids" while they were on their mission. (By this, I mean the Wii that Janet talked Jason's parents into letting her buy- GREAT PURCHASE!!). It was hilarious! Hazen was so content to watch everyone playing the Wii, and would cheer along when appropriate. There are few things cuter than hearing him scream, "WOAH!!", when someone gets a strike while bowling. We might have to take him back to the bowling alley soon.

It was fun to go to California this time. I feel like Hazen was able to enjoy more things than he has been able to enjoy in the past. Hopefully next time we can hit up the beach so he can enjoy seeing the ocean for the first time!

Posting's Sporadic, huh?

Do you feel like my posting is too intermittent? One week of nothing, and then BOOM, you get 45 all at once? Well, friends, this is why.

One week of reading assignments. Roughly 450 pages.

Heaven help me, these next 15 weeks just might do me under.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My babies

I remember the day that Abbie was born. I remember how Heather pushed forever and ever, and finally needed to get a C-Section. I remember when Mia was born, and I remember spending the entire weekend of my 21st birthday laying on the couch holding her. She was nearly 2 months old at the time, but she was still so tiny!

Where have my babies gone???? They are literally growing up into such beautiful, sweet, FUNNY, smart, and talented little girls. It freaks me out that the little Abbie who used to run and jump into my arms now has legs so long than I can hardly lift her. Little Mia who used to be so quiet now can talk my ear off, but she has the FUNNIEST things to say. I love my little girlies so much. I know that I'm probably not as fun of an aunt now that I'm a Mama, but at the end of the day, it doesn't change one bit how much I love my nieces and nephews. (All of you!)

Great America!

I have not been to Great America in YEARS. Literally, I think the last time that I was there was the summer after I graduated from High School and Ashley and I went for the day. So, we're looking at almost 7 years now. I woke up on the Monday that we were in California and wanted, no, NEEDED to go. So, Janet, Jason's sister, took one for the team and watched Hazen while Jason whisked me off to Great America. It was the PERFECT day to go! The weather was sunny, but not too hot, and the park was nearly deserted. We picked up some sammies from Safeway on our way to the park (yum yum!), and had a backpack filled with water and snacks for a day full of fun.

(This picture is taken from WAY far away, our camera rocks)

We nearly walked on to EVERY ride there. I think the longest wait was about 15 minutes. Compared to the usual 2 hours that you need to wait sometimes for the more popular rides, this was insane. Within 4 hours, we had ridden nearly every ride at the park- some as many as 3 times each! We were going strong and having a great time until we went on the Demon. As a child, I remember this ride being really fun. Newsflash. This ride is not fun anymore. It about jolted our heads out of their sockets, and by the end of the ride, we were begging for some relief. Needless to say, we only went on one more ride, and then we were done for the day. I've never spent less than the entire day at a theme park, but we sure got our money's worth after only 5 hours. I think I'm good for the next 7 years, but thanks, Jason, for the great day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


The house I grew up in- mind you, our garden was MUCH better managed then!

Danville is a beautiful place. If you remember last year, I wrote a post about some of my feelings of hurt that had been associated with the place the I grew up. After two therapeutic trips to California, I think I can say that I enjoy going back to visit again. It's so weird though, sitting in a car outside of the home I grew up in, and knowing that it's not mine. I know every corner of that house. I still remember that there were 16 stairs, which meant 16 portions of banister that needed dusting as a child. I still remember the feel of the mauve carpet in my bathroom, and I remember how it felt to stub my toe getting out of the shower if you didn't lift your foot high enough. I wish that there was a way to tally up the hours spent sitting on the blue spinny chair at the island in the kitchen. How many times did I slip off my shoes at the front door before tip-toeing upstairs, trying to slip one past mom and dad?

Still, Danville was good to me, and I'm so grateful that I can recognize that again, instead of feeling resentful and hurt. I took a few pictures as we drove down the road, just so I could remember the beauty that I saw on a day to day basis, but didn't appreciate. I try to do better with that now. I look at the mountains that dominate the skyline right outside my front door. I marvel at the contrast of colors everywhere I look, and I try to point out the beauty in the simple day to day to Hazen. I've been so blessed to always be surrounded by beauty, and I will continue to work to make whereever we live a wonderful home for my little boy.

Picking Cherries

Grandpa Lee has quite the garden in his backyard. It's one thing that I miss about California- all of that delicious, free produce! When we were in California, we made sure to take full advantage of the cherries and raspberries that are in season. Hazen, Aunt Brenda, Jason and I went out to do some serious picking, and Hazen was in seventh heaven! As quickly as he could pick the raspberries, he'd put them straight in his mouth, as opposed to plopping them in the bucket!

I'm glad to say that Hazen likes fruit- the fresher, the better! We'll have to settle with Sunflower Market until things come into bloom here in Utah!