Monday, February 26, 2007

A continuation of my ode

I don't want my main girl Abbie to think that I don't have any love for her because I didn't post pictures of her, so here they are:

My beautiful girl at my wedding
Being a superhero at the hospital. (Incidentally, the pictures that we took at the dance of this outfit were SUPER cool, but I had sweaty armpits. Thank you, Hazen gene, for making me a sweater.)

I'm gonna paint the nannie!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Current Addictions

Razor Phone in Blue
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So, they say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem? In that case, I guess I have a few problems to admit to, because let's face it, with my not feeling great, and Jason being gone all of the time, I've developed a few new addictions. I'm not saying I'm proud, but I will face it right here and now. All together.

1. I am addicted to VH1. Best Week Ever, I love New York, THE WHITE RAPPER SHOW!! I love it. I watch it a lot, and Jason makes fun of the fact that I even think about encouraging those aspiring artists out there who just want to make it in the Hip-Hop world!!
2. Text messaging. Soooo, thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, I've regained friendship with one of my good friends from Utah State, Paige. While this is a wonderful and innocent thing, I have used over 400 text messages in the past 5 days with her. If this isn't bad enough, we've been Facebook messages, and oh, lets not forget, talking on the phone on the weekends. Yet again, another thing Jason teases me about. i.e, "Hey Anne, you haven't texted Paige in the last 4 seconds. Are you guys fighting?"
3. Discovery Channel. Two words: Bear Grylls. Enough said.
4. Baby books. While this is a good thing, because I'm learning a TON, I will talk until I am blue in the face about things that used to (and still kinda do) gross me out. Yesterday I called Heather to get into a heated discussion about breast feeding. While she was kind of weirded out about the fact that I'm even calling about that to begin with, I also think that she was weirded out that I'm giving weird baby things such though what, 7 months before I'm actually going to have this baby. Eh.

So I'm weird. So I'm addicted. I'm taking the first step...

Food Aversions

So, my adversion to a lot of different foods is definitely in full swing. This week, we've had a few new things added to the already existing list.

1. Garlic
2. Pasta
3. Fish
4. Bread
5. Juice
6. Eggs
7. Bacon
8. Oatmeal
9. Potatoes
10. Tomatoes
11. Avocado
12. Cheese
13. Philly Cheese Steak
14. Gnocchi
15. Pizza
16. Did I mention ANY type of pasta ever invented??

It's truly an adventure. They say it gets better. I sure hope they're right!!

Monday, February 19, 2007


McDonalds in Canada
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So, this weekend I was mucho sick. It was really lame. The lamest and grossest thing????

I could only keep down one food item.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you: The reason pregnant women get fat. :O)

An Ode to the Birthday Girl!!

Today Miss Abigail Maude is 5. Now, you must understand something. I really really really love Miss Abbie Maude. I love her so much because she is so cute, and so random. I have had my share of fun experiences with her, and living in California away from her has been sad. However, in 5 weeks when I move to Utah, I will continue to have fun times with her, and I will teach her to continue to be so cute, and so random. As an ode to the most rockin' 5 year old out there, I will share 5 fun little abbieisms.

#1. When Heather and Brad moved into their new house, I helped paint a TON because Heather was pregnant. SO, when we were painting Miss Abbie's orange sherbet room, I was talking on the phone with my head out the window. Abbie picked up a paint roller, and in a very "Elmer Fudd, I'm gonna get the rabbit- type way" creeped up behind me saying "I'm gonna paint the Nannie!" Very funny.
#2. When I lived in Provo, I would have Abbie come to my apartment occasionally and play. Once, she brought a pretend horsie over. When I went into my room to find my dear, sweet neice, the horse was bald, and she had cut the mane all over my bed. I had horse-hair for weeks.
#3. Right after Abbie was born, I took my group for Sadie Hawkins to the Hospital, and we posed in our Super-hero costumes by her little crib.
#4. (Secretly....)I kind of like my pictures of Abbie and I on my wedding day the very best.
#5. (Secretly....)I want my baby to be a little girl, so she can be just like Cousin Abbie.

I LOVE YOU ABBIE!! Happy birthday!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I swear I'm not boring!

So, last night, I got a call from my dear sister telling me that I needed to get out and get a life because my blog was boring. Not knowing whether or not to be amused or offended, I decided to stick it to her, and write a blog today. Maybe I'll write two. OR THREE......hahaha. There, I showed you, Heather!! SO, I would normally be one to swear I'm not boring, but, alas, I kind of am lately. I'm feeling sick pretty much all of the time, so my day consists mostly of laying on my bed wishing that they next 6 or so weeks will JUST PASS. But then again, if I'm anything like Heather, I'll be sick until 2020.

I'm excited to be pregnant. Lots of mental changes (please include air quotes over mental changes to a-annoy Heather, and b-make my point) have been made over the past few weeks, namely being that I'm excited to be a mom. I don't want to rush out and go back to work, in fact, I'd prefer not to work at all. No, not because I'm lazy, but because I feel really guilty going out and doing other stuff when I should be there for the important developmental stages of my baby. I would like to have a part-time, like one to two day a week thing, but I'm just not sure what that's going to be.

Jason is ADORABLE with the thoughts of being a dad. He likes to tell "secrets" to the baby, which I think is pretty darn cute. He will be a great father, so I'm really really really grateful I married him.

I hope this post is enough to appease Heather (being that she's the ONLY one who reads this). I promise, on my honor, that I will go out and get a life, because, by Job, I don't want to be boring!

Friday, February 2, 2007


Life has been handing some "Meh" moments lately. Don't get me wrong, there have been many YOWZA moments too, but Meh is prevailing today.

1. Ever since the OC announced they were saying goodbye....Meh.
2. My bunny and I are having some serious personality conflicts lately. Meh to you, Bunny. Meh to you.
3. I'm WAY out of minutes on my phone. Meh.
4. I'm WAY over living in California. Get me the heck out of here and away Them? Everything. MEH MEH MEH.

I want to go to Utah. :o(

and that's a YOWZA!