Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Attack of the killer....LICE????

So, I was expecting Julie Hall to come over this morning to help me organize and scrapbook Ashley's wedding. I get a call, a little after I thought she'd be coming over, and hear this

J: I know I'm supposed to be there, but I have some horrible news that may effect you.
A: Oh my gosh! Is everything ok?
J: Yes....but. (Dramatic Pause) My daughters have lice.
A: Uh...I'm sorry. That's too bad.
J: You were here on Sunday. YOU might have lice! Lice like blondes
A: Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

So, yeah. Who knows yet. I was told to have Jason investigate my buddy head, which is all fun and games minus the fact that he works until tomorrow morning. I have gone 22 1/2 years strong without lice. NOOOOOOOO!!!!