Friday, May 25, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

There is one show in this world that REALLY does it for me. I hear the entrance music, and not only am I GLUED to the television screen, but I am filled with a joy that borders on pure Euphoria. This show makes me so happy I have no choice to giggle like a little kid, but sometimes, I'll admit, I tear up JUST because I'm so dang thrilled it's back. This show, is So You Think You Can Dance. Now, as a singer, (sort of, of sorts), American Idol can lose it's luster. I spend all of my time overthinking it, and making mental notes of what I did and didn't like. It's sometimes hard to enjoy. However, as someone who can't dance worth crap, SYTYCD is amazing. This is the one reality show I do NOT skip a minute with by use of Tivo. This is a show that I SAVE on Tivo so I can watch it more than once. I'll admit, I'm a woman obsessed. (Not to mention the wonder that I can't escape over HOW on earth they manage to find the world's only attractive Russians) This show is like the Pied Piper to them! Anyway. Last summer Jason and I were able to go see the concert. I was thrilled. I screamed, I cried, I jumped for joy, and that was all before we even got to the ampitheathre. So, boys and girls, if you haven't seen this show, tune in, because my and my baby will be watching every Tuesday and Wednesday!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm glad I'm not a hummingbird

Hummingbird "Beauty"
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Why, you might ask? Because they're dumb. Really really dumb. Hummingbirds and quail are currently topping my dumbest bird list. As of this moment, we have a bird stuck in our garage. Where is my sympathy for said bird, you ask? It left about 25 minutes ago. That was after another 10 minutes of trying to get this stupid animal out. The garage door is open. The side door is open. Both windows are open. The exit couldn't be ANY clearer, and this dimwit bird won't fly out. Instead, it just is hanging out near the ceiling, fluttering away, and hitting it's dumb head over and over again on the wall. It will probably die in there. And I will feel bad. But let it be known that Anne Lee, animal rights activist TRIED to get the world's dumbest hummingbird out of her garage. Hey, trying is better than nothing!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My new obsession...

I have a new obsession. Not that I didn't love and obsess about said obsession before, but lately, this obsession is just VERY enticing. This obsession doesn't talk much. Only things like Yeah, and Papa (Grampa). This obsession is always a little bit dirty, and gives really wet kisses- if you get a kiss at all. This obsession likes to tease older sisters, and throw Easter eggs across floors, just because it's kind of funny. This obsession also will do just about anything for a laugh. Now, my obsession also is PRETTY much the cutest thing ever when it is sick, almost so cute that you secretly want them to be sick again, just because of the snuggle-bug factor. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you my newest obsession: Amelia.
Now don't get me wrong. I loved her before, but she has just been so DANG cute the past few days. Also, don't get me wrong, I don't favor her above other niece and nephew obsessions. This would be impossible. If you don't know why, obviously you haven't seen my family. However, everyone deserves to be an obsession for a day, and today is Miss Millie Moo's day.

Hey, maybe tomorrow can be YOUR day!!!

Dirty Bird!!

Do you ever have one of those groups that just make you want to shake it?? Maroon 5 has this effect on me. It makes me want to get up and dance (which I RARELY, IF EVER want to do). After dancing, the next track makes me want to make out, which lately, I RARELY, IF EVER do. Sorry, Jason. :o) However, being one of those singing types, I tend to pay special attention to the words of the songs, and can't rest until I know all of the lyrics to my favorite tunes.

HAS ANYONE EVER ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THEIR LYRICS??? Holy dirty. As in, I would blush if my parents ever asked me to repeat the words to the songs, and I'm not the type to get embarrassed about that kind of crap. We were listening to one of their songs tonight, and I was saying that it would be the type of song I would want in a video montage (I likes me a good montage), minus the fact that whoever was viewing said montage would think I'm a giant perv because of what the song actually said. Pity.

Oh well, They're fun, and I guess everyone needs to be a giant perv now and again. :o)

American Idol

liz and nigel lythgoe
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So, I'm not too thrilled about Melinda having to go home, HOWEVER, the highlight of my night of watching occuring watching Nigel Lythgoe GET DOWN to the Maroon 5 song. Granted, it was a shot of the back of his head, however, it was amazing.

If you don't know who Nigel is, watch "So You Think You Can Dance". If you don't already, you're wasting your life away. Once you are familiar with him, you will realize not only what a big fat dork he is, but how easy it is to make fun of him!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We made it....

So yes, our anniversary was a whole week and a half ago, but I suppose that I should blog about it now to pay homage to my dear sweet loving and wonderful husband!! He is really amazing. I seriously lucked out BIG TIME with scoring someone as incredible as Jason. New things confirm this to me every day. Whether it be his white boy dancing, or playing with my nieces and nephews, or always so diligently refilling my water (and getting me a new lemon to go with), or letting me monopolize the Netflix que, or working so hard to get to where our family can live a comfortable life, Mr Jason Lee is the man of my dreams. One down, a million bazillion to go!!

Our wedding day..... And now............

It's a...............

So....I guess Jason will get his little Firefighter to be!! We went to the Dr. today....the reasons that we went were less than ideal, but after the Dr. told us that everything was alright with the baby, he did some investigative work and saw that.....


I'm still in a TON of pain (hence the reason I went to the DR. in the first place), but little Hazen Alma is doing dandy fine. In fact, it was really funny to see him doing summersaults and flips in the tummy. He is going to be an active little guy. One of his favorite activities are to find one spot in my tummy and press. And then poke poke poke poke again. All in the same spot. Until Mom goes just about nutty. :o) Jason likes to joke that Hazen is going to be intense like his Mommy and obnoxious like his Daddy!!

I'm going to be a MOM!!! To a little BOY!!! Who will pick his nose, and pee on stuff, and play in the mud, and most of all, be loved more than I ever thought possible. :o)