Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

This year, it was my year to work Christmas. I was scheduled to work Christmas Eve, and while I recognize that it's something that I've totally signed up for as a nurse, I was still a little bummed out to know I'd miss Christmas Eve. The plan was to have the boys stop by work for a little, so at least I could feel like I got to see my family on this special holiday. You can imagine my surprise of course then, when I received the phone call saying that I was cancelled outright! The only negative, was that I hadn't planned anything for dinner. Luckily, Tucano's caters to people like me, and we were able to get a reservation. We all really love Tucanos, and everyone was super friendly there that night. Afterwards, we came home and set out the cookies for Santa. We were lame, and Kneaders provided Santa's cookies this year. Might I suggest in the future not obtaining such fancy cookies, because Santa told me that they're pretty hard to eat after having downed a big dinner only hours before......

We opened jammies, and sent our little elf off to bed. That boy is the cutest thing in the entire planet. I sure love him, and am so grateful that even though we weren't with our whole family, we were still able to enjoy Christmas Eve!